life & leibster kudos

Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself. I have trouble doing this. I think most people do.
Sometimes I do believe in myself,  don’t live up to my high expectations, and  am disappointed
We constantly doubt ourselves, our abilities, our capabilities.
Reality is the possibilities are endless.  cheeeeezy?
Doubt is just another form of restriction, and we know that’s no good.
I may not have lived up to my expectations in certain situations, but once in a while, I doubt myself and end up exceeding my expectations, feeling proud, and have a temporary sense of confidence.
And I’ll carry that with me for as long as it lasts.

hello goldfish

August is just flying by. My life = sleep, yoga, biopsych, occasional babysitting two crazy toddlers who also happen to be insanely cute, eating :), and watching greys anatomy reruns. Luckily I’ve been getting some social interaction in on weekends with friends, but for a lot of the time I am alone. I spend a lot of time alone, and to be honest I really don’t mind it, in fact I like it. While I do love being around people, I also enjoy my solitude. Preferable I would spend more time with my prince charming significant other, but I have yet to find one of those. Hence, me living my life, in all its glory, independently.
rant over.


In other news, the lovely Leanne nominated me for the Leibster blog award! Thank-you so very much.

So, here it goes…

11 Random Facts About Me

1) I am of Italian heritage.
2) I have one brother, and one step-sister.
3) I used to dance ( ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, modern) from ages 3-14.
4) I then stopped dance, for I much preferred basketball, and play throughout high school.
5) One of my dreams is to become a doctor.
6) I practice Bikram yoga daily, it changed my life!
7) I am a second year university student.
8)  I eat mostly fruits and veggies. & I love them. I don’t label my eating ( vegan, pale, etc.) because I eat a variety of what I love and what makes me function and feel best. Among my favourites include; kale, avocado,kabocha and apples! But I also love me some protein; sun warrior vanilla<3
9) I watch and episode of Greys Anatomy almost daily.
10) I never wear jeans, It’s either lululemonpants or shorts, occasionally leggings.
11) I’ve spent over a year, all-together, in hospital for anorexia. This year I have finally broken free, or at least made a good start. 🙂

11 Questions from Leanne 

Sweet / Savory … but not too sweet.

Baking + cooking yourself / going out to dinner … if its a restaurant of my choice.

Summer / Fall / Winter / Spring … nothing fresher than nature awakening.

Having kids /an amazing career  → I know, some have both, but what would you choose if you can’t have both … this is really really hard. I love kids, but I also dream of having a career of love. Please don’t make me choose. 🙂

The best health / the best looks? … no question.

Disney / Pixar? …Lion King. Little Mermaid ❤


Describe yourself in 5 words… Free-spirited, curious, kind, adventurous, caring.

What’s your favorite sports activity? Bikram yoga or running.

What’s your favorite thing to eat? Fresh veggie filled salads.

Which famous guy did you have a crush on in high school? Adam Brody and Ryan Gosling…& I still do<3

Which country, other than your current residence, do you love most? I haven’t done as much travelling as I would like, but I’d have to say Italy! I’ve only been to Venice for one day and Verona for another but it was absolutely wonderful.
Whew, That was harder than I thought.
Now it’s your turn. I nominate anyone and everyone who reads this 🙂
My questions: 11 things in life that make you most happy!

4 thoughts on “life & leibster kudos

  1. 11 things in life that make you most happy!
    (only 11??? :P)

    1) being up in the early mornings (5-6 in the morning) when nobody else is awake and either spending it outside (in the summer) or just enjoying the peace indoors.

    2) family dinners that do not result in arguments, but everyone is peaceful.

    3) reading a book that is so engrossing that you forget about everything else in the world.

    4) long walks outside in the summertime, especially at twilight.

    5) writing and new notebooks

    6) any new adventure, whether it be travelling to a foreign place, eating a different food, studying a new subject. Anything different!

    7) yoga, dance, swimming, cycling, running

    8) having long, meaningful conversations with friends

    9) dark chocolate

    10) my tedybear 😛

    11) days in which I feel energetic and full of life!


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