Hello all,

It’s Friday night and I’m settled down for the night, sleepy after a wondrous yoga filled day.
My experience today has got me thinking.
What is it that truly makes me feel alive?

It’s no doubt that yoga is my passion, and I though I may not thoroughly enjoy each and every second of it.
[I’m hungry, tired, bored- Yes, those thought do cross my mind.]

I am thankful for those moments I feel that extraordinary burst of joy from doing something I once thought was impossible.
I am grateful to be able to share such a beautiful practice with great like-minded people.
I am appreciative for my body, for after years of distress, allows me to thrive.


When was the last time you truly felt alive?


6 thoughts on “

    • That sounds lovely! Studying with others makes it so much more bearable.
      & thanks! I didn’t even realize till you said so, i think its automatic. πŸ™‚

    • It’s tricky, I don’t like eating too much before class but often I find myself thinking about what I want to eat after class, haha but my fellow yogis can relate.

  1. i just love that true feeling of feeling ALIVE. often times whenever i get that feeling, i am outdoors and the sun is shining on me and warming my skin. the fresh air passes in and out through my nose and just feels so pure and i can literally feel it feeding my body oxygen. that’s definitely when i feel most alive, almost like one of the trees i’m outside with.

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