Sadness Is Just Part Of The Story

Too beautiful not to share.

Thought Catalog

We’re always running and hiding from anything and everything that isn’t joyous and wonderful, and I think that’s where a lot of our pain stems from. We struggle to let go because doing so isn’t exactly pleasant. We can’t move on because it’s not what makes us happy in that moment, even though we know its what we have to do for the long term.

It’s as though we’d rather make ourselves suffer for years than have sadness just be part of our story. It sounds depressing, but its not. It’s just the acceptance of something terrible or heartbreaking happening and letting it just be that. Not trying to make it “better” or justify it, but just letting it be.

Running from the sadness is what will exhaust you, not feeling it. Because it will come and go throughout your entire life. You have to learn to ride the wave…

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