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Eggnog and mistletoe season has come and gone once again.
Memories of poolside lounging a la Mexico linger in my mind, as the New Year begins.
School has begun and I find myself eager with motivation to learn, and content with the fact I am genuinely interested in all for my courses this semester.
My yoga practice is evolving in a an unexpectedly wonderful way.
It’s going to be a good year. =)


Happy Peace on Earth Day!
{aka Merry Christmas}

 Is there a better day to join Healthy Diva’s “Marvelous in my Monday” than the eve of Christmas?

Marvelous is… Being home for the first time in a year, spending time with the parentals.
Marvelous is… Taking time to chill out, literally. It’s much colder here in the Okanagan, than mild Victoria. More hot drinks for me!
Marvelous is… Discovering new t.v shows. Dexter anyone?
Marvelous is… Realizing that in 24 hours this will be my new chill spot:
Feliz Navidad!

Running ramble

Nothing like a chilly afternoon run to inspire me to write a little something.
I can’t help but think of other bloggers while running, just can’t, and that’s okay cause it’s inspiring for the most part. 😉
Anyways, I normally run solo, even though I really wish I had a running buddy!
However, today edit: two days ago I ran with my dad for the first time since pre-anorexia days.
Oh, how times change.
All in all, it was a good long –for me- snowy run.
Fresh winter air > Stale gym air.
And the glorious snow!
It’s so humbling to watch in awe as the snow gently falls to the ground.
A good reminder to appreciate the little things in life.
The simple pleasures that make life worth living. =)

Sunday smiles.

Alas, Christmas time has come.
my semester is over and I’m home for the holidays.

Snow-bunnies are falling,
The season of joy is in the air.

& just over a week till I’ll be in chillin in this hot-spot.
Mayan Riveria, Mexico!

I am beyond stoked, if that is even possible. I have always wanted to go on vacation with my family during Christmas time, or anytime for that matter. As much as I love the snowy winter season, I also love the sunshiney warmth, this year I’ll get the best of both worlds.

How could I not be smiling?
Is this christmas cheer making you smile?

~May your heart be filled with wonder~
xoxo, Laura

Hello all,

It’s Friday night and I’m settled down for the night, sleepy after a wondrous yoga filled day.
My experience today has got me thinking.
What is it that truly makes me feel alive?

It’s no doubt that yoga is my passion, and I though I may not thoroughly enjoy each and every second of it.
[I’m hungry, tired, bored- Yes, those thought do cross my mind.]

I am thankful for those moments I feel that extraordinary burst of joy from doing something I once thought was impossible.
I am grateful to be able to share such a beautiful practice with great like-minded people.
I am appreciative for my body, for after years of distress, allows me to thrive.


When was the last time you truly felt alive?


I must have pushed myself a tad too hard on the running regime, or increased my milage too fast.I mean my longest run was 5 miles at an 830 pace, so not ver long at all. Maybe it’s not the best idea to run everyday. Duh, of course I knew this. But I rationalized… “well, [insert health blogger] is running 15 miles and a marathon this week, so this is nothing.” Unintentionally comparing myself to others has led me to not being able to run. Excruciating hip pain.Ouch. The worst part is this is the second time this has happened. I obviously didn’t learn my lesson…
It’s been about a month and I’m slowly getting back into running, no more than 3 miles with walk breaks, but at least it’s something!
On a more positive note, I’ve realized the awesomeness of weight lifting. I feel so hardcore lifting, and it helps me build strength in my yoga practice. Yep, yoga is still a part of my daily life.

I’ve also gotten the chance to get off the island  and visit my favourite city!  So I’ve had a beautiful refreshing weekend right after midterms filled with yoga, family, shopping, and yummy vegan food. Pure bliss.

Yup, I said vegan! It’s been three months and I feel really great. Mentally and physically I appreciate following a vegan lifestyle and all it has to offer to my mind, body, and soul. I am learning more and more everyday, it’s so much more than a diet. And I feel, completely in this moment, at peace. What more can you ask for?