Yoga has improved my quality of life from the day I started.
I’ve done various types from ashtanga, power, flow, yin.
But my true passion, at least right now, is bikram.
I am at peace on the mat.
In a pool of sweat.
Yoga completes my life.

10 thoughts on “Yoga

    • Hey Andrea, I have to be honest and admit I did practice when I was underweight. While it probably wasn’t the most healthiest choice for my body at that time, I am so glad I did because I probably wouldn’t be where I am today! I’m not saying it’s a magical cure, but It really helped me in ways that I can’t explain.
      And now, I can truly experience and enjoy the wonderful practice and know that it is doing wonders for my mind,body,and soul. ❤
      Please feel free to ask me anything, anytime dear!

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